There have been a number of unwanted visitors, mainly press, on Taransay since the castaways arrived. But, did you know -

.......that two hill walkers arrived looking for Ben Fogle?

.......Or, that a joiner from Tarbert arrived after hearing two cockney executives from Lion TV saying "that slate of the roof needs to be sorted!"

Holywood executives are believed to be heading for Taransay to film the sequel to "Silence of the lambs"

Lion TV have asked the BBC props department to recommission the Daleks so they can exterminate The Doctor.

SNH are to rehouse all the ethnicly cleansed mink and hedgehogs from Uist on Taransay.

John Murdo Morrison has just bought "Gleneagles"

We at Amadan have a bit of sympathy for the poor truaghainn brought to Taransay by the BEEB, mainly because of the poor weather there's been since they arrived. But do we REALLY care? Not a lot!

A lot tend to forget that they VOLUNTEERED for the year, not that you would know that given the antics of Doctor Stephenson and co. We at Amadan:-) would never have put our names forward, even although we would love to live in a beautiful place like Taransay- it's the thought of having to stay in Tarbert en route that put us off!

Much has been made of their antics, particularly in our old pal, the Stornoway Gazette. You would think they had the scoop of the century while we already know that priviledge belongs to Iain X(clusive) MacIver. We saw his mug in the Sunday Mail weeks before half the castaways had even arrived so the Gazette should stop blowing their trumpet and get on with real issues such as the total cost of Neil Galbraith's forthcoming severance package from the Comhairle (by the way, where did the photographer that was with Iain get the extra wide lens?).

So what should we do with them? We think Taransay doesn't deserve them and they should be CASTAWAY TO SOUTH AND...........(go on ,try saying the programme's title in a South Uist accent and you'll get the joke)

What do you think- Do you think they'll still be there next month? How will they spend their time? Who'll murder who?

As at least one letter has already appeared in the Gazette, suggesting ways the castaways should be spending their time. Why don't we all write in and give our views and suggestions- it'll make better reading than the usual backbiting and rusty cars. The best letter to appear in the Gazette will be published in the next issue of Amadan:-) and the author will receive a couple of salt herring or a piece of Charlie Barley's marag.

a Coming soon to a tv near you....

After all the fall-outs in the Hebrides recently (FC v FCc, SKAT V SKAT, CNES V NICOLSON IV to name a few), our docu-soap follows the latest group who are guaranteed to have a go at each other. (Preferably in better surroundings and with more blood and guts than the columns of the WHFP or Gazette).