This issue was the work of one insane man and he needs help!

If you deal in contraband gugas or black marags then he doesn't want to hear from you. He does to hear from anyone that would be prepared to contribute to the next issue - any funny stories from the Hebrides will do as long as they're not too controversial!

He would particularly like to have a mole in CNES HQ, Sabhal Mor Ostaig, The Scottish Parliament and anywhere else where there's good goss and would also appreciate Gaelic contributions. (This was originally to be in Gaelic but there would have been too many spelling mistakes!) If he has contributions other than his own, he can spend more time on proper graphics.

Anyone wanting to advertise should e-mail us.

And if you're a super rich Media company that would be interested in a buyout.............

Hugh Mor


Oor Gael Anne - We hope to speak to Gaeldom's First Lady

Jim'll Fix It - DIY tips from our resident joiner Jimmy Sallach

Prince Charlie's Cave - Just how many are there?

Grant Grabber - Gaeldom's first crofting millionaire gives some financial advice

LINGERbay - A hole too deep?

Dr Finlay's (Head) Casebook- Our agony uncle solves all our problems

SKYE TV - Weekly Listings

and lots more we hope...........